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Our Purpose at Aligned Integrative Health is to provide the most comprehensive and advanced healthcare. We use a science-based approach that is systematic and patient-centered to go beyond the symptoms and get to the cause of disease. We have the understanding that the body is an integrative system and that each cell is interrelated in the way they influence health and the progression of disease.

Dr. Scott Self D.C. was tired of seeing patients being bounced around from specialist to specialist; lab to lab without getting answers or resolution to their problems. The doctors at Aligned Integrative Health have committed themselves to intensive postgraduate studies to assess and deliver proper treatment protocols, not only to get you better but optimize your wellness, NATURALLY!

Meet Our Doctors

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  • Dr. Brian Scott Self

    Dr. Brian Scott Self

    Dr. Brian Scott Self was born and raised in Ormond Beach, Florida. Upon graduation from Mainland Senior High School he served the United States for 8 years in the Marine Corps. While in the Marine Corps, Dr. Self pursued a collegiate education at the University of South Florida ...

What our patients are saying

  • This 8 month old was bounced around to multiple specialists without any positive results, in fact the allergist told the mother to use oatmeal soap for his "sensitive" skin. We ran a functional allergy panel only to find out that he had over 10 allergies that he was consuming on a regular basis which included oats!

    Grant Martin, NJ,

  • Great place, very thorough exam and complete work up with appropriate recommendations. A must for your personal health care.

    Ravi, Daytona Beach,

  • "Super team of physicians!!!!! Issues of any kind??? They can help!!!!"

    Kelly L, Ormond Beach,

  • "The team of doctors at Aligned Integrative are truly wonderful. They are down to earth, kind, compassionate and take a safer more meaningful approach to health and wellness than most other doctors these days! I would highly recommend them for anyone suffering with a specific illness or even those just looking to improve their overall health and well-being!"

    Rick B., Ormond Beach,

  • "Every week I feel Better and better. Thank you dr. Brett for getting me on the right track with supplements and dietary recommendations that promote HEALTH and HEALING! Sooooo glad I found your practice!"

    Jennifer M, Ormond Beach,

  • "Brought my 6 year old in with an earache. He feels "amazing" next day with no antibiotics. Thanks guys"

    MK, Ormond Beach,

  • "I started treatment with Dr. Self being in almost constant pain in my back and neck. Every maneuver on the first exam caused pain or muscle spasm, even my intercostals! My blood pressure which has always been lower than normal was 190/102 and I already suspected that because of symptoms I'd been having. All symptoms are now gone and my blood pressure is back to my normal, below normal. I studied human anatomy and physiology for 2 years in college for my nursing degree, so I know very well how important it is for the human body to receive proper energy from nerves. I also know that now from experience also. I no longer have indigestion as well. As an R.N. I see a lot of people getting pills for symptoms but no resolve of the underlying causes. Whenever they ask I recommend try chiropractic. Thanks, Dr. Scott!"

    Randall F., FL,

  • Dear Dr. Scott, On behalf of the County of Volusia, I would like to personally extend my sincere thanks and appreciation for your participation in the Lunch and Learn program "Are You Fit at Your Desk?" on Tuesday, October 2,2012. I received a good deal of positive feedback from our employees, who said they found you information very helpful. I appreciate that you involved all of the participants, gave free massages, plus door prizes! By sharing your time and knowledge, you made it clear that keeping our bodies healthy through good posture at your desk is the key to maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Your eagerness and willingness to assist us truly enhances and brings meaning to the saying, "Working together for our community." Thank you again, and I look forward to working with you in the future.

    Celene Cone,